Some more pictures from the WorldCALL 2008 Congress.

Posted by Nina Lyulkun

There are some more pictures from the WorldCALL 2008 Congress.
We had a great chance to attend the pre-conference workshops run by the leaders in CALL around the world. We enjoyed meeting each other f2f at the hotel a day before the Conference. It was an exciting experience!


We used to take a metro while attending workshops at Fukuoka University. We had our lunch at the university canteen. It was strange that we had to choose the meals which were displayed and then pay for at the paying machine. Then we were served by the waiters. Lots of vending machines were in good help for us to buy beverage and spring water to keep us out of thirsty feeling. It was dead hot outsides, but cool enough insides.


More later.
one of the scholarship recipients.

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Nelba reporting about Webheads in Japan!

Dear webfriends:
Today was a super day. Congress started,The place is very nice -even though Vance does not like the decoration  . He does not like minimalism. 
There were 8 presentations every hour, so you can choose the one you like best. obviously the best presentation was Vance’s. He gave the audience a lot eof information about Internet tools… I ask myself if the audience was able to follow such a  load  of data, slides, elluminate participation (Rita ,Sasha and other Webheads were there) .
After the congress we attended a dinner party where the Webheads ladies were dressed as geishas hahaha. We wore beautiful kimonos – you will see the pictures in flicker, blogs, etc, etc.)
Summing up, it was a very good beginning even though I keep on loosing weight because I dont like Japanese food. I miss a good “asado”.
I thiam sure Vance and the girls will post things, too.So, that is all 4 now.
Sayounara , Nelba from Fukkuoka.

Nelba Quintana

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Weather in Fukuoka august 7th

Nelba Quintana

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Be sure and tag your photos worldcall08 when uploading to the web :-))

Hi again everyone,

I’ve just uploaded photos taken by Vance Stevens today at WorldCALL 2008 in Fukuoka, Japan and tagged them worldcall08.  The url for photos with this tag is

If you upload photos from the conference to Flickr or other onlne sites, be sure and tag them worldcall08 and (if at Flickr) they will aggregate here.

Nite nite all, from dark and pleasantly cool Fukuoka Japan (yawn)

Vance Stevens


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Penultimate update on Vance’s WorldCALL session from Fukuoka

Hi folks, regarding my session tomorrow, details here:
and my preliminary announcement here:

I'm now in Fukuoka but not yet at the site where the presentation will be.  We spent the day today in workshops at Fukuoka University, where the webheads ladies and I were twittering happily away, but unfortunately this is not where we will be Aug 6, the day of my presentation (tomorrow).

Of course I have asked the conference organizers if there is wireless access? (answer: I think so), is it robust (answer: depends on how well set up they are?) etc.  There is no way really to find out how a convention center has configured for laptops of presenters, esp if the presenters need access to the LAN well before their presentations, without going there and seeing what is up with the network.  And I can't do that till tomorrow.

So tomorrow I will go in as early as possible and start playing with the network.  I'll see what I can get working.  If I can Ustream I might do that, or if I WiZiQ seems ok I might try and record my presentation that way.  I might go with Elluminate (highly reliable) … checking now it seems fine; last test from UAE on my new laptop there was a network problem. I'll just have to see what works and then announce to the onlne community in which venue the event will be.

Tomorrow Aug 6 I'll send mail to the webheads list and on twitter in advance of the event (or try to, assuming I can connect from the convention center) and I'll let you know what I will do.

In case you're available and want to join us, the event is Aug 6 from 17:25 to 18:10 Tokyo time, or Wednesday,

August 6, 2008 at 08:15 GMT;

I'm hoping we'll get something working

Vance Stevens

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Nelba in Fukuoka

Hi, dear  Webheads. This is unbelievable, cannot sleep looking foward to meeting friends here.
This post is just to check, posterous. Hugs, Nelba in kimono 🙂
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Webheads meeting webheads

Dear webheads, colleagues, friends around the world,

We are all have arrived to Fukuoka for now, but Vance will come from Seul tomorrow evening. These days are full of joy, happiness to meet so many webheads f2f, hug them and kiss in reality. But these days are very sad for all of us because we have lost a wonderful member of our big and friendly family – Lee Baber.  She will be always with us in our hearts and in our thoughts.

Below one of the meeting at the hotel in Fukuoka: Nina, Hala, Susan and Neny.

More will come soon.

Hugs to all of you from us.
Hala, Susan and Neny, Nina plus all the rest who walked and got tired are sleeping tight.
Tomorrow workshops.


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