Nelba reporting about Webheads in Japan!

Dear webfriends:
Today was a super day. Congress started,The place is very nice -even though Vance does not like the decoration  . He does not like minimalism. 
There were 8 presentations every hour, so you can choose the one you like best. obviously the best presentation was Vance’s. He gave the audience a lot eof information about Internet tools… I ask myself if the audience was able to follow such a  load  of data, slides, elluminate participation (Rita ,Sasha and other Webheads were there) .
After the congress we attended a dinner party where the Webheads ladies were dressed as geishas hahaha. We wore beautiful kimonos – you will see the pictures in flicker, blogs, etc, etc.)
Summing up, it was a very good beginning even though I keep on loosing weight because I dont like Japanese food. I miss a good “asado”.
I thiam sure Vance and the girls will post things, too.So, that is all 4 now.
Sayounara , Nelba from Fukkuoka.

Nelba Quintana


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