The last attempt of testing Posterous possibilities

This is the last attempt of testing how Autopost to Everywhere works from e-mail through Posterous.
The last minutes of getting things together before leaving. It sounds exciting and amazing. Can’t wait to see all the webheads together. It should be a superb meeting with popular educators around the world, to learn from them and with them. Have a hope to get an access to the Internet (no other way) in Japan.
So, getting to work.
In my bag already: a camera(borrowed from a friend 😉 ) , an MP3 player, a voice recorder, badges for webheads, an umbrella from flaming sun (the worst thing for me – I might melt in Fukuoka), no lap top (somebody will bring), and some private things… and, of course, passport, electronic tickets for the flight to and fro.

You know, I am traveling the longest way: From home to Moscow by train (tomorrow), then from Moscow to Helsinki by plane, of course, then to Osaka and from Osaka to Fukuoka (Evelyn offered by boat, but I agreed to swim across the bay.) 😉
We’ll definitely post our impressions, pictures, and coverage of the WorldCALL Conference.

God bless you and us.

{{{{BIG HUG}}}} 

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The journey starts

Testing to see if it works.
Just wrote a blog post!!
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We’ll try to connect via WiZiQ from Fukuoka

Let's see if I understand how the works.  If I email this from a registered email address at, it should end up here and in the associated blog . Plus the picture I attach here should get posted to the blog as well.  Let's try it with this announcement:

At the August

6-9, 2008 WorldCALL congress in Fukuoka, Japan,

Vance and Nelba will present a session on Writingmatrix obliquely entitled "Engaging collaborative writing through social networking" on Aug 6 from 17:25 to 18:10 Tokyo time; or Wednesday,

August 6, 2008 at 08:15 GMT,

According to the conference FAQs Internet should be available.  Therefore we will attempt to broadcast in WiZiQ (or perhaps Elluminate, whichever we can get working) AND invite Doris Molero to join us (at 4:45 a.m. her time; she says she'll already be up).  We'll also invite the others pictured in Doris's slide (the pic attached): Sasa Sirk and Rita Zeinstejer.

And if you can read this then you are invited as well.  Check back for more info later as we see what we can get working when we arrive on site.

Vance Stevens


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Testing, testing!

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Twittering through Posterous

One more test to figure out how Posterous disseminate messages to Twitter.

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Our badges

This one  is for Vance Stevens as a sample of the badge.
How do you like it? Evelyn shared it and offered  for all the webheads at WorldCALL 2008.

WorldCALL_2008 webheads participants.


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I'm just writing to test how Posterous work.
I have read other people's posts, but I had never tried posting my own messages.

Erika Cruvinel

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